Now, I am a blogger, too.

It is not really the first time that I am writing something. Even, if it is a blog. I wrote some in past, which went to the trashcan, without finding a right place to dwell on. I wrote again. But, didn’t find the pieces great enough to be published. So, they were somehow put in a storage in couple of folders and yes, were mailed to some friends to understand their response. “Publish these…of course” is the common reply I got from all of them. But, guess the particular write ups are well held in reserve in those folders in my system and are too cold and unfriendly to show up.

So, ideally this is my first post and now, I am a blogger,too.


One thought on “Now, I am a blogger, too.

  1. Beehoves me to be the first person to comment. Ideal start, I hope, to a fascinating journey ahead. Will look forward to more of your blogs.

    Keep writing 🙂

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