Facebook frenzy

do you have a facebook?

What’s on your mind?

You write few lines on the latest, smart and cool words, that’s all to fetch you ample comments around the world. And you are probably, done for the day 🙂

When I started getting clued in with the most popular social networking website, all I knew was to stab other’s werewolves and vampires and score points. And with time realized, it is also the right place to “score” points with someone you like 🙂 Here, you get connected with your old buddies & new and share stuffs. Gobs of applications to keep yourself busy. Feeds, photos and family. Today, you have it all on FB. And, if you have to find out, who’s dating who or got married recently, just have a look at his or her Display Picture and you’ll know 😉

With time, FB has successfully pulled ahead an important place in our lives. Today, however busy we happen to be, we somehow care to check the updates on our FB account, reply to the pending messages and comment on relevant posts. We rather prefer writing on a friend’s wall than calling up and speaking to that person. We wish birthdays and send virtual e-cakes to our mates. The status messages brief us about what’s happening around us.

So, ideally, this wonder site shrinks the distance between people and gives a “happy” stand to declare our reactions. People tend to release their emotions right here (with or without tags). They can talk about, just ANYTHING, they want to and buck some “thumbs up”….to keep them going!

The “book” has really become our “faces”. Is it a WOW situation? Or are we just considering our emotions, the spirit, too casually, here?

So, What’s On Your Mind, today?



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