Thank God…it’s a Two Right Feet for me.

It was a bright yellow saree with red and golden border, draped with utmost precision. Some light ornaments- little dazzling pieces on neck, forehead and hands. A pair of radiant eyes, deeply lined with kohl looked at the camera. So, what if the photograph print was some 20 years old and thus a bit misty, it sported a little zealous girl with a perfect pose that made the picture, standout.  That was the 4yr old ME after my very first dance performance on stage.

My love for the Stage advanced from a very early age. I was completely in love with that huge wooden platform, the sharp lights, full-mouthed music and powerful audience. A Dance performance for me was never a one day deal. Round the clock practice sessions, trying to pick up the steps as perfectly as it could be, costume selections, stage rehearsals and the countdown to the final day. I remember, how I used to play a particular track, like thousand times and just danced away.

All I need is some good music to shake a leg and whirl with happiness.  It’s amazing, how effortlessly my feet start tapping with any kind of music that I listen to. Music gives me “that” high, the kick- what we call it.

With Shiamak Davar Institute for the Performing Arts, my learning experience reached a new grade. I learned some great dance forms like Western Jazz and Contemporary. And what I just loved there were the techniques with the help of which you have a complete “Soul Dance” for yourself. At SDIPA, we all actually danced like no one was watching! The workshops have indeed changed my life for better.

My biggest inspiration in dance is my mother – my first teacher. I still keep her golden tips in mind while practising the moves and try hard to get those expressions to die for! She has been an outstanding dancer, singer, actor and most impotantly a great human being. Guess, sometimes the genomes do it all…and in my case, I am lucky to have inherited at least, the tremendous love for dancing from my mother.

I believe, each one of us have done a little shimmy, at least once in their lifetime. And I also believe, it’s the best way to release your inhibitions and feel happy. So,if it’s not going right for you and you are feeling kind of jaded…play that number and JUST DANCE it away.


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