There’s always a Second time!

……and we must make the most out of it.

Life always gives us a second chance. And people with ample luck have third and fourth too! Like we have power ups in Mario 🙂 or an “undo” option in our computers ! We do get a second chance to clear a paper that we flunked, to hit that jackpot, to win over a battle, to repair an aching heart!  So, ideally, it is that second stroke of luck or kismet that helps us fix past errors and start anew. It’s all about trusting that given luck,enough and honor it!

Second chance in altering a failed relationship? Why not?

Possibly, one can effectively recognize his/her mistake related to past relationship(s) and fix it immediately for the next one.  I know, it’s much easier said than done and therefore studies say, second marriages are more at-risk for divorces than first marriages! But, isn’t it all about our “intentions”? What exactly are we looking at when calling for a second? Now, if someone had a hard time,trying to fulfill his particular needs in his first marriage, failed, and thus looked for a second option and intended to only get what he missed, without giving in….it would surely call for a new disaster!

I think, we should play a little more responsible here,than being judgmental. Just like we wish to have it so beautiful, all over again, our new partner,too, desires the same. It indeed is a trying situation for both and we must acknowledge it.  So, adopting an “US” attitude will bring the best out of the “second chance”.

It is never too late to start afresh. All depends on what you really want and know how to achieve it. Marriage, is definitely a Two Way street and therefore it needs a teamwork to make it work.

So, if you are trying your luck with the “second” and in your case, if it is a “re-marriage”, we have something brilliant in store for you….

Considering re-marriages, we decided to work on a platform to help individuals who are divorcees,widowers/widows, find their ultimate partners. A matrimony portal exclusively designed for re-marriages. The idea is to facilitate their partner search with some technical support and add a meaning to their much deserved second chance 🙂 And we named it

AndWeMarry has been created with this very idea of life,giving a second chance and we solely believe that the best is yet to come. Backed by an excellent resourceful team and first rate database, AndWeMarry tries to help you,  plan your journey ahead .

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Stay good and prosper.