talk to the PAW




Four tiny paws, one super shiny – damp nose, two long pendulous ears and a pair of deep set eyes. Phuchka, a year and 3 months old Cocker Spaniel chose to adopt us for good. And soon our house had innumerable muddy footprints all over.

The young guy was little perplexed with the sudden shift of place yet very happy to have found a huge parking place and a mostly unused basketball court to hop around. And in no time Phuchka marked his ‘my zones’ in the new city.

It definitely does take a pack to raise a pup or manage a growing one. He might just eat up your living room cushions, quietly pee around your laundry basket, steal a potato PicsArt_1406030844329from kitchen, place his soiled toy on your fresh bed spread or dig in your planters in the balcony and get dirty. Phuchka does possess these dramatic talents. And, once he is over with his mischief and knows he will soon get a spank or two, he will bring out his best guilty face ever for rescue.

We no more need an alarm to wake us up. Our little devil boy will take rounds of the bed and try hard to reach our faces to give a quick good morning lick. And you start your day with the sweetest greeting, you could have ever asked for! Everyday, without a miss.

With all the craziness comes the unperturbed companionship. Phuchka is there for us all the time. The days we are happy and also our tough times! All he wants to do is chug along behind us, closer than a shadow, ensuring, ‘hang on, I am there’.

Phuchka, is a pile of love for us. He makes it clear, almost every second that it is us who matter to him the most! Standing up on his hind legs, tapping our chests with those little paws, he gives us the warmest hug.

It is worth learning from our baby, how he rejoices in life’s simplest it’s said, for a dog every morning is a Christmas morning, every walk is the best walk, every meal is the best meal and every game is the best game.

We love you puppy, and we promise to keep you warm. 🙂


P.S. phuchka khow-hows!

  • We are dead scared of wind. So, never roll down your car windows when we are in.
  • We are not a barking kinds! We do not like noise.
  • We love carrots, but, the stupid vet has put us on some ultra special no more carrots for us. Hmph!
  • We are a morning person unlike dad and mom.
  • We loveeeee our ball. And telling us about any ‘b’ word, will only get you ‘The Ball’.
  • Hush, hush..we like to poo on the basket ball court. 😀
  • We love to go to Paa’s office and meet people. Though we mostly stick around our dad. Aahna, Sheena, Meghana ji..we love.
  • Have a secret crush on Maya, the next door lab. ♡
  • We love to sit on our brown bean bag and watch TV. Sometimes, mom tries to get in there, but its only mine na!
  • It’s always a group hug for us….mom, dad and me. Woof.





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