The Year of Infinite Happiness: Annual Planner 2018 by Alicia Souza (Review)

This is how my new planner looks.


A butter-pink hard cover with just SO MUCH inside it.

Let’s take a tour.

Here’s how the opening page looks like. I like the use of simple and fun words.


Being an avid stationary lover, I look for journals or planners with cute stickers. They just make your log happy and inviting. So, this particular planner comes with 2 pages of these colourful stickersn and 1 that of black and whites.


Next is the individual MONTH page.

Each month has a starter page where you can note down your important dates and To Do list.img_20180117_125354-e1516339391226.jpg

And then there is an individual column for EACH day. This is where you record your activities, happenings and thoughts for each day!img_20180117_125422.jpg

And these one page Doodles! img_20180117_125444.jpgimg_20180117_125458.jpg

“Not the end…Just the Begining” is what says the Back cover of the planner with a small pouch attached to it. You can use this pouch to keep your bills, passport photographs, visiting cards handy.img_20180117_125515.jpg

Who is Alicia Souza: 

Alicia Souza has been drawing since a kid, but unlike many kids, she just never stopped! And after working on many brands, corporate products, she has finally got together a range she can call her own. Expect a constantly changing range with kooky characters and wonky personalities on products that you’d love to have or give! Her products are proudly made in India, with all the love and care in the world.

From where did I get to know about this planner : INSTAGRAM Ads

How much does it cost: 1199 INR; free shipping to Pune

The best features: Detailing, ample space to make categorised notes, very pretty

From where to you order:

Do they only make planners: NO. They have Calendars, Notebooks, Jotbooks, Stamps, Postcards, Letterpads, Apparel, Home decor and other accessories


If you are still looking for a planner to help you plan your days better, you can give this one a shot. It’s wonderful.

Have a good day ❤





‘My child doesn’t eat’ saga: the mother of all distress!

This is, undeniably, one of the most discussed and fret over aspectS of raising a child, especially a toddler. Yes, I am guilty too.

There was a time when Toshyth was down with a bad bronchial infection and just gave up on eating. He would only survive on milk. And that would lead to humongous amount of anxiety in me.

Advices poured in.. ‘Let him go hungry. He will himself ask for food’. ‘Give him bite sized food in regular intervals’. ‘Does he like sweet? Make everything sweet.’

Sounds familiar?

Been there, done that. And now, I can confidently say that I have learnt the rules of the game. Not by solely going with what people said, but by sheer experience.

We, as parents have to understand few things very clearly.

  • Every child is not the same. So, if Shiraj has 5 meals a day, it’s not necessary that Toshyth will also do the same! ( Umm…who’s Shiraj?!?!)
  • This is a time tested one – There are phases in a child’s growing age and they are not permanent. So, you have to believe that This Too Shall Pass and One fine day he/she will start eating better!
  • Body type,eating capacity,eating habits of the family matter. They do guys. So a lean guy can eat a lot and still be lanky! Metabolism – heard that word?
  • And it is no way going to help our children by constantly telling them that they are not eating enough. This sends a wrong message to them. We should stop discussing our children’s eating habits in front of THEM. We can choose to go to a corner and vent, but not in front of the kids.
  • Consistency is the key.


What worked for Toshyth when he became a picky eater:

  •  A mealtime routine: When I shared Tosh’s eating troubles with a friend and how worried I was, she told me – how important is it to have a meal routine for a child, just like we have a sleep or play routine. Everyday, at around the same times, telling the child that now we are going to have our meal- wash hands, encourage him to set the table with you, sit down, serve food and start eating. And it worked wonders for us and Toshyth. Yes, he showed interest in eating!
  • Also, I do not give him options anymore. I don’t say – “If you don’t want to eat egg curry, what would you like to have, instead!” This approach tells them that they can play around with choices, delay eating time and finally get their way.
  • I have also learnt that by putting conditions like, “if you finish your vegetables, only then you get to eat the dessert”, do not go a long way. Also, here, we are kind of glorifying the dessert and making him focus more and only on the dessert. Doesn’t help in the long run.
  • It’s okay for a toddler to not finish everything served to him. If you think he had a decent amount of food to thrive on, do not chase him for the last bite. Force feeding has never helped anyone.
  • We avoid keeping biscuits, chocolates, breads, regular tid bits in our kitchen. Our kids are very smart to know, what and where are we storing stuff. These snacks, when given to our children, only fill them up (zero nutrition) and interferes with their timely meals. Encourage snacking on fruits.
  • No one likes eating same old food everyday. We try to bring variation and enhance the taste with different herbs and spices.
  • The food that we serve should look appetising; be it for our kids or anybody!
  • Every child has his favourite food. Toshyth loves eating poori with any subji. We treat him with his favourite food at least twice a week.
  • Everyone has the same food in our family. We do not cook Toshyth’s food separately. So we have all our food minus chillies and hot spices. That encourage us, the adults, to have few bites of green chillies with our meals ( you know green chillies are a great source of Vit C and K!)
  • One last thing that has really helped me is to talk FOOD with Toshyth. So, even when I am feeding him or he is self feeding- I ask him, what is that he is having. Sometimes, he thinks through it and answers! It is great to be aware of what we are eating. And starting early helps. Also, he watches me cook in the kitchen and I take him through the cooking process- chopping, frying, adding spices to the dish… and most of the times, he is excited about trying that dish for his lunch or dinner. Or we can always encourage them to eat fruits and vegetables by saying that these food will make them stronger! They will also have good skin and hair if they ate fish! Statements like these are much more original than, if you eat an apple you will get to play outside 🙂

With these ideas and some planning, we have successfully turned our fussy eater to a happy eater. Toshyth, now, enjoys his meal times and looks forward to eating.

Sometimes, we are so much after having an empty plate without absolutely no left over that we tend to forget and not accept that the child has had a fair amount of food, served. Gulity?

As parents, we definitely need to be watchful about our kid’s weights and wellbeing when they say NO to food. And we also have doctors to guide us through in extreme cases.

So, let us start small, not rush, have faith and make it fun. And trust me, there is nothing as great as feeding a hungry toddler….so let them be a little hungry 🙂


P.S. I will try and share some recipes of toddler meals in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned!






quotes-mommyhood-bong food and everything in between

When I started this blog ( okay, here, I think I have many blogs and I am not telling you the names… many blogs because, I was totally incapable of understanding how it worked, so I ended up creating multiple URLs)…so, yes, when I started this particular blog, I thought I would write about my journey and things I saw while walking it (very closely- that’s just the default ME).

The journey continued, writing took a back seat. And here is my one out of many attempts to keep this space alive.

I too have a list of resolutions for this year. Realistic? Yes. Very much. One of the primary ones is to contribute to this BLOG. I am not a guest blog on my own blog right? So, write and post MORE.

Recently I have been posting a lot on Instagram. Actually, it all came with a contest run by some mom bloggers. There is this team called #WeAreRealMoms or #WARM in short. I happened to take part in the December edition and got lucky. Yes, I won some goodies 🙂

posted for one of the photo challenges

The contest was on for a month and as part of daily challenges, I had to post everyday. There were deadlines and that needed me to put up my thinking hat. So, writing and clicking pictures happened. And once the contest got over, I started missing out on those everyday challenges, that actually made so much sense.

Then, I wrote some one-liners and called them quotations by @clikoclock (That’s my Instagram handle). I am still at it 🙂

for 2018

And my 2 and a half year old not so little man has been growing up at the fastest pace. I also started recording and sharing his life snippets.

the conspirator


And I am mostly in my kitchen- COOKING for my dear patrons. I have these fabulous food stories to share too.

Bengali chorchori with fish head and vegies

No derth of content that is! But, if you are wondering- how does that work…we cannot call it a mommy blog, this is also not going to be a food blog, neither a travel blog nor a fashion blog- what is it then?

‘It’s a closer spot’ at whatever and everything BLOG. Or we can call it a LIFE blog. Larger objective would be to connect with like-minded audience/readers, share stories and make this space as interactive as possible. You can expect pictures, reviews and LIFE experiences here. remains to be the primary blog for my home-cooking venture.

Let’s get started ❤