quotes-mommyhood-bong food and everything in between

When I started this blog ( okay, here, I think I have many blogs and I am not telling you the names… many blogs because, I was totally incapable of understanding how it worked, so I ended up creating multiple URLs)…so, yes, when I started this particular blog, I thought I would write about my journey and things I saw while walking it (very closely- that’s just the default ME).

The journey continued, writing took a back seat. And here is my one out of many attempts to keep this space alive.

I too have a list of resolutions for this year. Realistic? Yes. Very much. One of the primary ones is to contribute to this BLOG. I am not a guest blog on my own blog right? So, write and post MORE.

Recently I have been posting a lot on Instagram. Actually, it all came with a contest run by some mom bloggers. There is this team called #WeAreRealMoms or #WARM in short. I happened to take part in the December edition and got lucky. Yes, I won some goodies 🙂

posted for one of the photo challenges

The contest was on for a month and as part of daily challenges, I had to post everyday. There were deadlines and that needed me to put up my thinking hat. So, writing and clicking pictures happened. And once the contest got over, I started missing out on those everyday challenges, that actually made so much sense.

Then, I wrote some one-liners and called them quotations by @clikoclock (That’s my Instagram handle). I am still at it 🙂

for 2018

And my 2 and a half year old not so little man has been growing up at the fastest pace. I also started recording and sharing his life snippets.

the conspirator


And I am mostly in my kitchen- COOKING for my dear patrons. I have these fabulous food stories to share too.

Bengali chorchori with fish head and vegies

No derth of content that is! But, if you are wondering- how does that work…we cannot call it a mommy blog, this is also not going to be a food blog, neither a travel blog nor a fashion blog- what is it then?

‘It’s a closer spot’ at whatever and everything BLOG. Or we can call it a LIFE blog. Larger objective would be to connect with like-minded audience/readers, share stories and make this space as interactive as possible. You can expect pictures, reviews and LIFE experiences here.

http://www.pakshaal.wordpress.com remains to be the primary blog for my home-cooking venture.

Let’s get started ❤










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