Top 10 reasons I love being a woman

I think every man secretly wishes to live a life of a woman , at least for a day. And if it is not true- they have no clue what they are missing out!

Being a Woman is super awesome…and here are just 10 out of million reasons, why…

1. I am a MOTHER

This one has to top the chart; we are designed to grow a tiny human inside us. Isn’t that too cool? I mean, I have always been amazed by nature’s ways but this one is the ultimate. And this particular trait will definitely make me want to come to this planet as a woman, again and again.

2. BFFs

Only a girl can do justice to this term. Ever heard of two men being the best pals who meet over random coffee dates, have long phone conversations, discuss shades of colours ( mauve or teal) or just be silly-high? Even if it does happen- doesn’t sound half as fancy!

3. I have those Curves

Beauty with B**** ( fill in the blanks, use your brains!) And we can totally woo the opposite sex with these arms! We can be hot as hell!

4. Actions speak louder than words

It’s mostly a patriarchal society that we live in, but we women have, time and again, proven that we are no less than men. And I think we can totally surpass the male lot at multitasking. ALSO, we believe in both words and actions!

5. Argumentative Indian

..and we are the leaders. We are born speakers. We are good listeners. We have the best communication skills. We are great executors. What else do you need!

6. One- Two- Many…

Orgasms! Yes. We can enjoy multiple orgasms. Period! (and have the ability to fake them too, if we wish to)

7. Enjoy girlie benefits

When we make an entry, someone is there to open the door for us. Chairs are pulled out when we want to sit. Special railway reservations, special queues, special treatment….aha!

8. We are always our daddy’s little girls

and that’s so special.

9. Behind every successful woman is, She – HERSELF.

We are a power house of talent, patience, grace and affection. We are the best keepers and also the best healers. We never fail to nudge ourselves and stand up, when the going gets tough!

10. I can be a Mom Blogger


With all respect to the daddy bloggers out there, but trust me – our giveaways are better than yours! Hehe!


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