The “love affair” with Life <3

One Life to Live is an American soap opera that ran for 43 years on ABC Network emphasizing on social issues.

NO. My post is not about OLTL, I only plan to write on and about the Title, which I think is just worth.

How many of us love to live our lives or may be, know how to love living one’s own life?  ( Do I..???!!!). I have heard many people complaining of having such imperfect lives that they would rather love to die than living! And soon they hear that intuitive voice coming from nowhere that gives them one more reason to live their lives.

Couple of days back, while I was sitting with my dad and listening to some great music, he turned to me and said: ” I feel like adding some extra years to my life when I listen to such soulful songs. I wish to continue listening to them. I wish to live more.” This could be, one of many such reasons that makes my father, love his life.  And I believe, one must have a life with a reason or bountiful of it to love his/her life. It’s about holding on to whatever keeps us warm inside 🙂

And since, we have only one life to live ( I am not talking about the bookworms here, as they have many lives and roles to play everyday!!), why don’t we just fill it with that “one purpose” or few more to make it a brilliant living.  Find it out for yourself (it is a simple task)… Ask yourself and keep typing the answers on a word file, What are you naturally curious about,what would you like to accomplish before you die, what are the things you really enjoy doing, what would be that One Wish of yours, whose life do you want to be living….? And there you can see your biggest passion, right next, winking at you!

Following one’s passion is a way of chasing bliss. It’s about achieving fulfillment. I know, many of us, while on the course, mostly give up…flaked out by some unnumbered, untold can of worms!

I COULD NOT continue my Tennis Practices, the court being some 2 hours from my home! Or, I would have been a Champion today.
My job sucks. Did engineering for Dad. I could be a Master Chef!
I so wish to help underprivileged children. But…How to start! 

So what if there have been too much hardship in procuring that passion, the greatest outbreak of your life..I believe once you see yourself right there, learning the ropes..sitting and having a soul-chat with your greatest love of life, you might just give rest of the world a pass. And I can guarantee you some peaceful sleep 🙂

Make your life a placid mansion. Fill it up with your greatest passions. Fight hard to achieve them. Embrace failures with grace..stumble once or many a times, but please get up again and craft your life your way…. it’s that special One Life to Live.

Note: I wish not to give up my love for dance. And, I know how to go about it 🙂
SDIPA Pune…here I come 🙂